Grindleton plans children’s party to celebrate Royal Wedding

Chinese WI -President of Grindleton WI Mrs Judy Cowling welcomed six new members who have recently joined taking membership to nearly 50.

She was proud to announce that one of the teams entered in the LFWI Fun Quiz had won at the West Bradford venue. She thanked everyone who provided cakes and made tea and read a letter from Kay Hopkinson, who was in charge of the evening, thanking Grindleton members for their help and support, which contributed to the success of the evening.

The theme for the meeting was the Chinese New Year, 2011 being the year of the rabbit. Some members wore coolie hats, others rabbit’s ears, and many more something red, the celebratory colour. The committee organised Chinese snacks and members brought an array of Chinese artefacts, even Chinese music. Members sat at tables according to the animal of their birth year. After listening to a reading about the origin of the 12 animals, they tackled quizzes about China and the Chinese New Year, as well as having to work out which characteristics befitted both themselves and their animal. A game in which they had to pick up as many mung beans as possible with chopsticks and place them in a bun case presented a challenge. The winners were The Dragons with 103 beans in five minutes. Mrs Cowling thanked Liz Horn and Catherine Taylor for organising the fun.

Winners of the competition for the cutest toy bunny were Sue Hargreaves, Carol Baird and Dorothy Hepworth and Catherine Taylor joint third.

The primroses and snowdrops, planted around the village to mark 90 years of the Lancashire Federation, are in flower. Look out for bluebells and wood anemones in the Millennium Wood when spring arrives.

The annual subscription for Hotpot, the LFWI monthly magazine, is due by April 1st. The new format is colourful and lively and full of news from the federation and WIs. It is well worth the £3.70 for 12 copies.

Mrs Cowling will be attending the LFWI agenda conference in Leyland on April 13th. Interest was shown in entering the 2011 LFWI Bowls Tournament.

Anyone interested in going to the Bingley, Gilbert and Sullivan Society’s production of “The Sorcerer” during the week beginning April 11th should contact Sue Hargreaves or Mandy Brennan.

A joint meeting with Sawley will be held on May 19th in Sawley Village Hall, tickets £8. Antiques expert Alan Blackburn will be the speaker and invites members to bring along their treasures for him to examine.

Mrs Cynthia Openshaw vprovided bucks fizz for everyone, to celebrate moving into her new home.

The bingo evening will be held on Thursday, March 17th, at 7-15 p.m. in the school hall. Tickets (£7) are available by leaving a message on 441106 and include a supper of lasagne, a dessert and one bingo book. Bring your own drinks and glasses.

At the meeting on March 10th, the Rev. Andy Froud will talk about his work as chaplain at St George’s School, Blackpool. The competition is for your school photo. Members are reminded to bring to this meeting donations of main and line prizes for the bingo and groceries for the hampers to be raffled.

Royal party - A party for Grindleton children is being planned to celebrate the Royal Wedding. If you are interested in helping, contact Susan on 07970439189 or Jo on 07791290031 who will arrange a meeting to discuss ideas in the week after half-term.