Give a festive gift - support toy appeal

Toys continued to be donated
Toys continued to be donated
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The generosity of people in Clitheroe is evident as lots of toys continue to be donated towards the annual toy appeal.

Launched by The Clitheroe Advertiser and the Ribble Valley branch of the Salvation Army, the appeal aims to ensure several hundred disadvantaged youngsters across the borough get a present this Christmas.

Capt. Elizabeth Smith said: “Thank you to all who have given gifts and donations. We are grateful for every one.

“We still have a long list of children in need of toys, especially for girls aged three to 12, and boys aged one to three. We are confident that every need will be met because our community has always proved to be amazingly kind and generous.”

Capt. Smith is also reminding people about the Christmas day dinner. She added: “If you are going to be alone, or lonely on Christmas Day, why not come and join us for your Christmas Dinner? We open at 11-30am and close around 3pm. Transport is arranged for those who need it. We welcome all ages, men, women, single parents. Why be lonely when you can be among friends who care? Please ring Elizabeth on 07709351394 to book a meal.”