"Get over it" call from MP to Trump haters

MP Nigel Evans when he met President Trump at a dinner in Florida in 2012.
MP Nigel Evans when he met President Trump at a dinner in Florida in 2012.
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Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans has called on people who are still struggling to accept that Donald Trump is the president of the United States to "get over it."

He spoke out during a debate in Westminster Hall about the controversial proposed State visit to the UK by President Trump.

Mr Evans called for the UK to respect the decision by the American people and to allow the state visit to go ahead as once the UK leaves the the EU the new president would like to make a trade deal with it.

Mr Evans said:"To those who are finding it difficult to understand that the American people voted for Donald Trump, I say get over it, because he is President of the United States.

"We must all ask ourselves why people felt so left behind that they made the democratic decisions they did.

"Some of us cannot understand some of those decisions. How could people possibly vote for Brexit? How could they possibly vote for Donald Trump? The fact is that the people have done so. They were the forgotten people. Just as we have forgotten people in the United Kingdom, there are forgotten people in the United States of America.”

President Trump was offered a state visit to the UK shortly after coming into the presidency, following in the vein of Barack Obama and George W Bush, who also came to the UK for state visits and Mr Evans said these visits are an important diplomatic tool for the UK Government and will be especially crucial post-Brexit.

Mr Evans said that Donald Trump would go down in history as the only politician who has been roundly condemned for delivering on his promises and while people may not like what he has said in the past he respected the fact that he is now delivering on the platform on which he stood.

Mr Evans added: "I know this is a peculiar thing in the politics we are used to here - politicians standing up for something and delivering -but that is what Trump is doing.

"We can all go back and talk to the people we know in our own little echo chambers -all we hear are the same things -but the fact is that 61 million people voted for Donald Trump.”

Mr Evans was keen to point out that the British people should not demonise those who voted for Trump but should seek to understand the reasons why they voted for him. adding:"What is more, it is in the interests of the UK to create a favourable relationship with the President as a UK-US trade deal would be a big boost to the country’s economy.

"This would be of particular importance in the Ribble Valley, with big businesses such as BAE Systems which work on large foreign investments.

"A favourable US trade deal would be a big financial benefit to the local economy."