Gas leaked into Ribchester properties

The scene of the Ribchester gas leak.
The scene of the Ribchester gas leak.

Emergency repairs have been made to the gas main in Ribchester after residents smelled gas in the street.

National Grid was quickly on the scene and discovered gas was also present in some properties on Blackburn Road.

Part of the road has now been dug up and temporary traffic lights have been in operation on the junction of Blackburn and Preston roads.

National Grid spokeswoman Jeanette Unsworth said: “Gas was getting into nearby properties but our engineers were able to bring the escape under control quickly. We aren’t able to say what the cause of the gas leak was - sometimes ground movement or heavy vehicle movements can cause damage to pipes under road surfaces.

“We do monitor the condition of gas pipes and carry out regular mains replacement projects to keep out network operating safely and efficiently.”

She continued: “Gas is less of a danger if it is escaping outside as it is lighter than air and quickly dissipates into the atmosphere. Obviously, it is a danger if it starts to build up in a confined space which is why our immediate advice to people ringing to report an escape is to open all doors and windows to allow the gas out.”

Anyone smelling gas indoors or out should report it immediately by ringing the gas emergency service on freephone number 0800 111 999.