Garden show is blooming success

Bolton-By-Bowland garden show
Bolton-By-Bowland garden show
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Despite challenging weathers in recent months and the end of Hurricane Bertha, there were impressive exhibits at this year’s Bolland Gardening Club annual show.

There were a large number of entries – all of which were to a high standard and together produced a wonderful display for members of the public to come and enjoy.

The judges had a difficult task to decide which amongst the many exhibits were the worthy prize winners.

Roger Dewhurst, himself a regular prize winner in other competitions, judged the fruit, vegetable and flower classes. Children had been asked to bake cupcakes and make a “Mr Potato Head” on the day and a special wward went to Bertie and Phoebe for their creations. There were delightful entries in the children’s classes, which gave the judge Pat Cunningham, some difficult decisions.

Visitors were assured of an excellent choice of refreshments, as Mrs Joan Cradock and her team in the kitchen worked tirelessly to ensure that tea and cakes were in constant supply.

After the judging had taken place, Mrs Margaret Middleton, the former club chairman, welcomed the visitors and thanked all the exhibitors and the many sponsors of the show, together with the volunteers who had worked hard to make the day a success. She then presented the trophies for the show. She also thanked show secretary, Tim Charlton and chairman Henry Rowntree for organising the event.

Before the presentation of the prizes, a lively sale of club produced plants, produce and baking took place – raising funds for the continuation of the show. Presentation of the prizes then took place and Margaret Middleton, presented the prizes.


Bolland Cup – Club Member with most points: Joan Corless; Runner Up Bolland Tankard: Tim Charlton; Milne-Redhead Rose Bowl for most points in flower and foliage classes: Mr E. Moorcroft; Closes Hall Cup for most points in fruit and vegetables: Joan Corless; Murphy Challenge Cup for decorative planter (members only): Margaret Middleton; Junior Baking Hammond Cup: Ella Morgan; The Mary Heaton Trophy for most points in floral arts classes: Mrs J. Pickard; The Barkers Shield for most points in rose classes: E. Moorcroft; The Pickles preserves trophy for most points in preserves classes: Joan Corless; Confectionary Trophy for most points in confectionery classes: Margaret Middleton; The John Cowgill Trophy for best in show: Mr E. Moorcroft; The Dinsdale Trophy for runner up best in show: Tim Charlton for his carnivorous plant; Photography award “a visitor to my garden” was won by Joan Corless.

Flower and foliage classes

1, Foliage pot plant: 1, T. Charlton; 2, P. Cunningham; 2, Cacti or succulent: 1, M. Adamson, 2, J. Corless, 3 P. Cunningham; 3, Gladioli – 1, E. Moorcroft, 2, T. Charlton. 3,M. Roberts; 4, Geranium or pelargonium in bloom: 1, M. Middleton; 2, P. Bury; 3, J Pickard. 5, Vase of cosmos: 1, P. Bury; 2, J. Corless; 3, M. Middleton;

6- 3 pansies in a container: 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, T. Charlton; 3, G. Charlton; 7, Flowering pot plant: 1, T. Charlton; 2, E. Moorcroft; 3, S. Whittaker. 8 Jug of any mixed garden flowers: 1, S. Farmer; 2, J. Corless; 3, G. Charlton. 9 Vase of three dahlias: 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, M. Adamson; 3, J. Corless. 10 Vase of sweet peas 5 stems: 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, J. Corless; 3, M.Middleton; 11, 3 Stems of a bloom; 1, F M.Simm; 2, B. Parkinson; 3, S.Farmer; 12, Vase of six varieties decorative foliage; 1, J. Corless; 2, P. Cunningham; 3, J. Ashworth; 13.3 nasturtium heads floating in water: 1, T.Charlton; 2, J. Corless, 3, M. Roberts; 14, One spike multi flowered rose: 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, M. Burke; 3, J. Corless; 15 One specimen rose: 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, S. Whittaker; 3. M.Ward;

16, A 10”decoratively planted pot (members only); 1, M. Middleton; 2, L. Davey; 3, G.Charlton.

Floral Art Classes

17 – An arrangement with a commonwealth theme: 1, J.Pickard; 18 An arrangement in an unusual container: 1, J. Pickard; 2, S. Whittaker; 3, M.Adamson; 19 an arrangements with three flowers: 1, G. Charlton; 2, J. Pickard; 3, M. Middleton.

Fruit and vegetable classes

20 – Plate of five tomatoes: 1, M. Burke; 2, S. Farmer; 3, P. Cunningham; 21 - Brassica: 1, J. Corless; 2, S. Farmer; 3, T. Charlton; 22.4 Potatoes: 1, G. Charlton; 2, J. Corless; 3, T. Charlton; 23.3 Carrots: 1, J. Corless; 2, T. Charlton; 3, S. Farmer; 24, Onions. 1, E. Moorcroft; 2, G. Charlton; 3, T. Charlton; 25. 5 Pods of Peas. 1, S. Farmer; 2, T. Charlton; 26.3 Pods runner beans: 1, G. Charlton; 2, P. Cunningham; 3, J. Corless; 27.1 Leek; 1, E Moorcroft; 2 FM.Simm; 3, T. Charlton; 28, Three courgettes: 1, F M. Simm 2, M. Middleton; 3, M. Adamson; 29 – 1, Cucumber: 1, P. Cunningham; 2, F M Simm; 3, K. Monaghan;

A. Beetroot; 1, J. Corless; 2, F M. Simm; 31, Another type of vegetable. 1. M. Adamson; 2, J. Corless; 3, T. Charlton; 32 - a plate of soft fruit: 1, Susan Farmer; 2, T. Charlton; 33, 1 Lettuce; 1, S. Farmer; 34. An Oddity. 1, J. Corless; 2, T.Charlton; 3, G. Charlton;

35 – An unusual variety of vegetable: 1, S. Farmer; 2, J. Corless; 3, T. Charlton;

36. A jam jar of herbs: 1, F M. Simm; 2, M. Middleton; 3, T. Charlton; 37 - 10” pot of edible plants; 1, P. Cunningham; 2, T. Charlton; 3, G. Charlton; 38. Best tasting fruit or vegetable: 1, S. Farmer; 2, J. Corless.


39. A jar of Jam: 1, J.Corless; 2, M. Middleton; 3, F M. Simm; 40 – A jar of Jelly: 1, P. Bury; 2, J. Corless; 3, M. Middleton; 41, A jar of lemon curd: 1, J. Corless; 2, P. Bury; 3, K. Monaghan; 42 – A jar of chutney: 1, M. Burke; 2, F M. Simm; 3, D. Burke; 43 – A jar of preserved fruit or vegetable: 1, F M. Simm.


44. A fruit loaf: 1, B. Parkinson; 2, M. Middleton; 3, C. Holmes; 45, Round lemon cake; 1, A. Bruce; 2, J. Glover; 3, M. Middleton; 47.4 Butterfly cakes: 1, M. Middleton; 2, M. Adamson; 3, C. Holmes; 48.4 Hen eggs: 1, C. Holmes; 2, E M. Simm; 3, H. Rowantree; 49. Carrot Cake to given recipe: 1, G. Bentley; 2, B. Parkinson; 3, F M.Simm; 50 Four Cupcakes Juniors only: 1, E. Morgan; 2, P. O’Gorman; 3, O.Morgan; 51. Five shortbread Fingers; 1, P. Cunningham; 2, G. Charlton; 3A. Bruce; 52. Seven cheese straws; 1, M. Middleton.


Visitor in my garden: Junior 1: E. Morgan; 2, O. Morgan; Senior 1, J. Corless; 2, G. Bentley; 3, G. Charlton.