Gales down tree - but hardy snowdrops still flower

Graham Wilkinson's shot of the snowdrops
Graham Wilkinson's shot of the snowdrops
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Reader Charles Wilkinson sent in this lovely picture of snowdrops blooming in a most unsual place.

He said: “The snowdrops in the photo are perched about 7ft in the air.

“A large tree in some woods near Chipping was blown over in a gale about seven or eight years ago and is now resting against its neighbour at an angle of about 45 degrees. Part of the root bowl was lifted out of the ground taking the soil and buried bulbs with it. A small cluster of these bulbs have flowered successfully each winter since then but the soil is being eroded away by the rain and the bulbs are now exposed.

“It’s a more unusual shot and shows how resilient nature can be.”