Friends’ huge response to ‘Keeping Kate’

Kate Anne Douglas
Kate Anne Douglas
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A local woman is seeking specialist treatment abroad after being told that her cancer is now too advanced to be treated by the NHS.

Kate Anne Douglas (38), who is originally from Billington, is looking to raise a massive £250,000 for pioneering treatment in Germany.

Friends have rallied and set up the “Keeping Kate” appeal, which has already seen a huge response and the fundraising total already at more than £41,000.

Diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2010 aged 32, and just two weeks after the birth of her daughter Lola, Kate underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The disease unfortunately returned, and Kate was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2012, which spread to her bones, liver and lungs.

Kate, who is also step mother to Izzy (13) and Jake (11) remained optimistic, but the latest scans at the beginning of September showed drastic progression of the cancer tumours in both size and number, now consuming 60% of her liver. She was then told that without treatment, she would not make it until Christmas.

Still defiant and with options for treatment for Stage 4 advanced breast cancer being unavailable in the UK, Kate, partner Les and her army of family and friends have researched and discovered there are many positive drug and treatment options available elsewhere.

Extensive research turned up The Hallwang Clinic in Germany, who offer access to the very latest immunotherapy drugs and immunity boosting alternative medicines. The downside is that the first 12 months of treatment will cost in the region of £250,000.

Kate said: “I know it is a lot to ask, but I am at a point now where my options are extremely limited. I am just hoping that with everyones amazing fundraising efforts, I can get on the programme in Germany and see my daughter believe in the magic of Christmas one more time – and maybe even see her grow up and get married.”

l For more information, or to donate to the “Keeping Kate” fund, visit: To find out more about the pioneering clinic visit: www.hallwang