Four-year-old’s marathon for children in need

Four-year-old Sawrey.
Four-year-old Sawrey.
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A four-year-old boy from Wilpshire refused to let his age or size get in the way when he decided to run a marathon to raise funds for those less fortunate than himself.

Sawrey, who attends Bowland Montessori Pre-school, decided he wanted to do something to raise money for children in need after watching the London Marathon and, backed by his fellow pre-schoolers and family, he went on to do just that.

Mum Katie Skelton-McLeod, who is a teacher at Pendle Primary School in Clitheroe, explained: “We came up with the suggestion of him doing a marathon, in stages, before he finished pre-school to go to primary school, and the mini marathoner was born!”

Over the last few weeks, Sawrey, who has a one-year-old brother River and whose father James is also a teacher, has been running various distances of one to two kilometres to add up to a marathon.

He’s even had his own online fundraising and Facebook page.

Sawrey’s marathon challenge finished with him running the last half a kilometre with his pre-school friends around Clitheroe Castle field. The pre-school also held a sponsored walk of three miles around the Twiston area to raise money for the same cause – the charity Save the Children.

So far Sawrey’s marathon challenge has raised £367.50, while £428.89 was raised through the sponsored walk making a total of £806.39.

The charity Save the Children works with families across the UK providing basics from hot meals to blankets and beds. As little as £150 can buy a bed for a child in the UK so they no longer have to sleep on the floor.

To make a donation to Sawrey’s challenge visit: