First-class savings by county council

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SAVINGS of around £300,000 will be made by Lancashire County Council by sending non-urgent items through the second-class post.

The project has already led to a major reduction in the amount spent on postage by the council. During the first three months of this financial year, the percentage of post sent first class reduced from 50% to just 10%.

Geoff Driver, leader of Lancashire County Council, said: “In 2010/11 we were spending nearly £1m. a year on postage – half of which was first- class mail.

“We set a target to save a minimum of £300,000 a year, through a variety of measures, including reducing the percentage of post we send first class. And we’re looking to reduce that further.

“Reducing the amount of post going out first class is just part of a bigger drive to reduce the amount of post we send out overall.

“This is in turn part of an even bigger picture, as we work to save £205m. from the council’s budget by the end of 2013/14. We set a three year budget in February 2011 – by the end of that three year period, we will have saved £150m. by making administrative and bureaucratic processes more efficient.

“This £300,000 saving is part of £10m. a year savings that will be delivered for the council by One Connect Limited, a strategic partnership between Lancashire County Council and BT.”