Firefighters rescue girl wedged in toilet

Devonshire Road, Atherton. Picture from Google Street View
Devonshire Road, Atherton. Picture from Google Street View
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A young girl had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck on a toilet seat.

Fire crews were called to the semi-detached house on Devonshire Road in Atherton at around 6.30am on Thursday.

They found the six-year-old girl had slipped and become stuck, with neither her nor her mum being strong enough to lift her out while holding the seat down.

Firefighters put Fairy Liquid on the seat and freed the youngster, who was completely unhurt and not too distressed by her ordeal.

Crews praised the girl’s mum for calling them out after being unable to rescue her daughter, saying she had acted correctly.

Watch manager Dave Holden from Atherton fire station said: “She did exactly the right thing in calling us out, that is what we are here for. Rather than struggle or put anyone through distress it is far better to call us.

“The young girl certainly wasn’t too upset and she was absolutely fine. She was chatting with us all the way through it, although I don’t think she liked the Fairy Liquid being cold.

“She was in good enough spirits to stick her tongue out at us before we left and she gave me a high five.”

The firefighters were at the scene for around 20 minutes.