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open house: Sawley Quakers Meeting House
open house: Sawley Quakers Meeting House
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LOCAL Quakers are inviting people to find out more about who they are, what they believe and how it directs their lives as part of National Quaker Week.

It runs from this Saturday, September 29th, through to October 6th, and locally Sawley Quaker Meeting is sending out a special invitation to anyone interested to join them in worship this Sunday, September 30th.

The Quaker movement has always had a special connection with the area since May 1652 when the movement’s founder, George Fox, climbed Pendle Hill and had a vision of “a great people to be gathered”.

This was the start of of organised Quakerism based on Fox’s earlier insights that everyone can have direct experience of God without the need of minister or text.

Quakers today worship in silence, speaking when led by the Spirit. Out of this experience of the Spirit comes a distinctive approach to life, emphasising peace, simplicity, integrity and equality.

Sunday’s worship begins at 10-30 a.m. and lasts an hour. A children’s meeting takes place at the same time. Everyone is always very welcome and more information can be had by rinnging Wendy or Ben on 01200 42666.

The Sawley Quaker Meeting House is in Sawley Road, Sawley (BB7 4RS). You can find out more about Quakerism online at