Fairtrade group looks to a busy 2012

Clitheroe Fairtrade Town logo
Clitheroe Fairtrade Town logo

A FESTIVE Fairtrade Market held at The Grand proved a very popular event, inspiring Clitheroe’s Fairtrade Group to look to a busy 2012.

A particular success at The Grand was a new Fairtrade Wine tasting stall. Wendy Higson, of the Clitheroe Fairtrade Group, said: “Visitors to the event enjoyed the tasting, many being unaware of Fairtrade wines beforehand and some keen to try brands they hadn’t heard of.

“They welcomed the tasting notes which also showed the prices and where they could buy locally. Many were surprised that Fairtrade wines were of excellent quality and not as pricey as they thought they would be.”

The Clitheroe Fairtrade group would like to thank Booths, The Co-op, Byrnes and Bashall Barn for donating Fairtrade wines for the tasting.

The New Year sees Clitheroe Fairtrade Group already preparing for Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from the February 27th to March 11th.

This year the Fairtrade Foundation is asking people to “Take a step for Fairtrade in 2012”. Buy Fairtrade coffee on the way to work, look for Fairtrade wines or flowers, rice or nuts, tell colleagues about Fairtrade or hold an event – and then go online and add the step you have taken to support Fairtrade, to the “Step-o-meter”.

The foundation is chasing 1.5 million steps registered online – to match the number of farmers and workers they hope to reach. The Step-o-meter goes live in February, but you can already find out more about the campaign at www.fairtrade.org.uk/step.

The Clitheroe Fairtrade Group, in conjunction with The Grand, is planning an event for local schools during the morning of Tuesday February 28th and is delighted that a Fairtrade Cotton producer from Mali in West Africa will be the guest speaker. A competition for local children to design a T-shirt for Fairtrade in Clitheroe has been launched, which will be judged at the event.

The winning design will be printed onto certified Fairtrade cotton T-shirts and worn by members of the Clitheroe Fairtrade Group when they join the Preston City Fairtrade group and other Fairtrade town groups in Lancashire for the Preston Guild procession later this year.

A letter will be sent soon to local schools about the Fairtrade event in February. However, as space will be limited, The Grand would appreciate it if local schools could give an expression of interestin attending as soon as possible by e-mail to the Schools and Projects Co-ordinator stephanie.clarkson@thegrandvenue.co.uk

Anyone wishing to learn more about Fairtrade in Clitheroe – which is a Fairtrade Town – or to get involved in Fairtrade fortnight, can e-mail: fairtradeinclitheroe@gmail.com or ring Jo Harding on 01200 444242.