Ex Clitheroe man in Philippines earthquake terror

David and Lydia
David and Lydia
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An anxious care worker from Clitheroe whose brother lives on the earthquake-hit Philippine island Bohol is appealing for help with the aid effort.

Mrs Heather Allison (64), of Riverside, Low Moor, is deeply concerned for her brother Mr David Carter (69), who lives in Loon, Bohol, the island that faced the brunt of last Tuesday’s earthquake.

More than a week on from the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Bohol, thousands of people fear returning to their homes because of the continuing aftershocks. More than 30,000 homes are reported to have been damaged by the quake and more than 100,000 people have been displaced. The extent of humanitarian needs is expected to increase as responders arrive at some of the hardest hit and more remote towns that have been difficult to reach because of roads and bridges damage.

David, a builder who used to live in Clitheroe, moved to the Philippines 20 years ago and lives there with his Filipino wife Lydia.

“David texted me when the earthquake happened, but I was working at the time and I didn’t get the text until the day after, saying that he was alive but that most of the town was completely devastated,” Heather explained.

The couple, who have no children of their own, but sponsor three Filipino children to attend school, built their own house out there. But this was badly damaged during the quake, so much so that part of it is currently being propped up by tree trunks.

“I just want to make people and particularly the Filipino community over here aware of what is going on,” said Heather. “The situation is desperate and they’re running out of rice and water. All the land lines are down and I just don’t know what is happening.”

She added that all the bridges leading out of Loon had been damaged effectively trapping David, his wife and all the town’s other residents.

Donations can be made via the Manila-based Philippine Red Cross. Visit: www.redcross.org.ph/donate