Pure horse work

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If you went down to Whalley Moor woods last week, you’d be sure of a big surprise!

A specialised equine team from Cumbria were brought in to clear felled logs within the woodland.

Ribble Valley Borough Council chose to employ a company to remove logs and carry out other work in the wood using traditional methods involving horse power rather than mechanical power, with two Belgian Ardenne horses taking on the job.

Simon Lenihan of S & K Lenihan who carried out the work, said: “This method of timber extraction to this day still remains the best overland method of harvesting timber.

“Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, sustainable and powered by green energy, it involves ground scarification instead of ground compaction which often occurs when machines are used, helping slow down the water run off, which in turn helps to prevent any future risk of flooding. In addition, it helps to generate new growth which in turn benefits the woodlands and the host of wildlife living there.”