Public meeting to discuss fracking

Meeting organised to discuss fracking
Meeting organised to discuss fracking
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Ribble Valley residents concerned about fracking are being invited to voice their concerns at a meeting in Clitheroe on Monday (October 24th).

Campaigner and organiser of the meeting, which will be held at the New Inn, on Parson Lane, at 7 pm, Katy Marshall said: “More and more people are becoming concerned, but at present not enough to stop the plan to start drilling for gas by hydraulic fracking in 2017.

“Fracking will irreversibly damage our water in Lancashire and pollute our air and risk our health. The industry does not know how to stop the cement linings of the wells from leaking toxic water into the ground. Why are we letting this happen? Because Lancashire people it seems have faith in the powers that be and the government are telling us that it’s safe. The oil and gas industry are lobbying government and there is a widespread misinformation campaign. Lancashire people are too trusting, sadly. I urge people to take a look at the facts.”