New meadows to be created across Burnley and Padiham

Wildflower meadow
Wildflower meadow
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A CARPET of wild flowers and long grass will soon roll out across Burnley.

Under a new environmentally-friendly initiative, dubbed “meadow management”, Burnley Council is planning to create wildflower meadows and benefit wildlife.

Pockets of green space in all corners of the borough have been earmarked for the scheme and include the perimeters of parks and playing fields, wide verges and steep banks or sloped areas.

The grass will not be mowed during the spring and summer and will then be cut once, in late summer or early autumn.

It is hoped the new meadows will boost wildlife, attracting insects including butterflies and bees, and will providing a valuable food source for birds.

The meadow areas are litter-picked regularly and staff from the council’s green spaces and amenities department mow a strip around the perimeter of meadows and also mow any informal paths through the areas.

Simon Goff, head of the green spaces and amenities department, said: “By managing more of Burnley’s green spaces as meadows we are create new habitats for wildlife, helping to reduce our CO2 emissions and we are also reducing the costs of maintaining Burnley’s green spaces.

“We know the public wants to see more wildlife in Burnley’s green spaces and would prefer the council to save money by reducing mowing rather than making savings in other services we provide, such as children’s play areas, sports facilities and town centre floral displays.

“By managing more of our green spaces as meadows we can achieve both of these.”