Invitation to BioBlitz at Ribble Valley church

Nature lovers will descend on St John's Church in Hurst Green later this week when a two-day BioBlitz takes place.

Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 12:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 12:27 pm
St Johns Church, Hurst Green, and its beautiful country graveyard.

For the church has teamed up with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to host a series of workshops, surveys and wildlife walks around the historic parish church’s grounds.

Taking place on Friday evening and Saturday morning nature experts from the LWT will be in attendance to help people learn how to identify plants and animals found in the churchyard. And all are welcome to attend.

Various nature surveys will also be taking place at the same time.

The two day event is part of Cherishing Churchyards Week.

The two day event is part of Cherishing Churchyards Week, organised nationwide by Caring for God’s Acre, a non-religious charity dedicated to conserving and celebrating burial grounds.

Parish member and event organiser Clare Hyde said: “The BioBlitz aims to show church congregations how their churchyards can be managed to create a biodiverse habitat, while still maintaining a respectful and peaceful graveyard.”

St John’s churchyard and graveyard are managed in this way as a result of working on Eco Congregation Award schemes (now renamed Eco Church), over the past 12 years. The church has already achieved a bronze award for its commitment to environmental work.

Part of the churchyard is a wildflower meadow, managed in partnership with Bowland Haytime Project, which supplies seed, and scythes annually.

Parish Priest, Rev. Canon Brian McConkey said: " I am really happy to be the vicar of a church with such a care for all of God's creation.

“To be able to reflect that commitment in our church grounds with events such as this is a great joy. There is wildlife for all to explore.”

As well as the BioBlitz, all kinds of other eco-events have also taken place within the churchyard – from bat watches to falconry demonstrations.