£1,500 grants available for ‘green’ heating in Ribble Valley homes

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People in the Ribble Valley are being encouraged to consider “greener” ways of heating their homes, with grants available towards the cost.

Ribble Valley Borough Council is offering grants of up to £1,500 per household for solutions such as solar water heating panels, solar electricity panels, ground source pumps, domestic wind turbines and domestic hydro electricity.

Coun. Ken Hind said: “Owner occupiers in council tax bands A to F, and not on gas mains, who have loft insulation of 200mm can benefit.

“Sixty per cent of Ribble Valley residents, particularly on the edge of our towns and in the rural areas, are not on gas mains.

“These residents are hardest hit with rising bills in households dependent on coal and heating oil.

“The latter has rocketed in price in the past year, and some householders have found themselves the target for thieves who drain their tanks.

“These residents should carefully look at the cost of energy in the future and consider what is on offer.”

With electricity prices rising by 9% this year, and experts predicting an average doubling of household energy costs every five years, the sustainable alternatives encouraged by the council of wind, hydro, land pumps and solar will help to reduce household energy bills.

Solar water heating will work in the Ribble Valley. Ground and air source heat pumps use free energy.

Coun. Hind added: “Delay by the last Labour Government in addressing electricity generation means that by 2105 there will be a potential crisis in electricity supply.

“If we do not want to see the lights go out while new power stations are built, the council and public can play a part by looking at greener energy sources. There are no means test and the grants are at the discretion of the council”.

More details from the council on 01200 425111.