Waddington girl receives letter from the Queen

Annabelle Warburton (8) of Waddington with her letter from the queen. (s)
Annabelle Warburton (8) of Waddington with her letter from the queen. (s)

A Waddington and West Bradford Primary School pupil was this week delighted to receive a reply from a very special new “pen pal” after she wrote a letter to a famous address one wet and rainy afternoon in the school holidays.

Annabelle Warburton (8), of Beech Mount, Waddington, was so impressed by a TV documentary about the Queen and her horses that she decided to write to Her Majesty to tell her how much she had enjoyed the programme and that she was a pony lover.

Annabelle’s mum, Jane, explained: “The letter was quite informal and mentioned that Annabelle’s grandparents would soon be visiting Buckingham Palace for a garden party and that they were very much looking forward to it.

“She said the Queen might want to look out for them and included a few questions about the Queen’s horses, also sharing her experiences of her own ponies.

“I explained after she had sent the letter that the Queen was a very busy lady and we probably wouldn’t get a reply.”

Annabelle was therefore delighted this week when a beautiful envelope, addressed to her personally, arrived in the post.

The reply had been sent by a lady-in-waiting to the Queen and it complimented Annabelle on her lovely letter, adding that the Queen had very much liked hearing about her ponies and wanted to thank her for putting pen to paper.