Student’s pledge to live on £1 a day

Abigail Watson, who will take part in the "Live Below The Line" campaign this spring. (s)
Abigail Watson, who will take part in the "Live Below The Line" campaign this spring. (s)
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A Rimington resident and former Bowland High School pupil will take part in the nationwide Live Below The Line campaign which will see volunteers challenging themselves to live off just £1 per day.

Abigail Watson (24), who is currently undertaking a masters in European Politics at the University of Bath, is supporting the Global Poverty Project’s 2015 initiative, which aims to an educate and campaign to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action against poverty.

After studying extreme poverty as part of her earlier studies in International Development, Abigail was prompted to take part in the initiative after reading about and researching more about the campaign.

She explained: “It struck me that there should be more awareness of the extreme poverty that exists here in the UK and not just abroad. £1 per day is the UK equivalent of living on the extreme poverty line. Eating and drinking on so little money gives the smallest glimpse into the challenges faced by 1.2 billion people across the world who have no choice but to live like this all the time.”

As part of the challenge, Abigail plans to host a “Come Dine With Me” style evening, for which she has budgeted just 33 pence per guest.

She continued: “My plan is to focus on cheap vegetables like potatoes, carrots and frozen mixed veg, along with fruit and tinned beans and rice.”

Throughout the challenge, Abigail will be raising money for Action Aid, who work directly with communities to help them help themselves to get further away from the poverty line. Almost £7m. has been raised globally by the campaign so far, with 17,000 people in Britain taking part.

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