‘School of Dreams’ in Clitheroe

Children at Moorland School, Clitheroe, enjoy a visit from the Honda 'School of Dreams' team.
Children at Moorland School, Clitheroe, enjoy a visit from the Honda 'School of Dreams' team.

Honda’s “School of Dreams” team visited Moorland School in Clitheroe to provide a free two-day “thinking skills” workshop for 11 to 13-year-old pupils and educators.

The workshop was supported by Greenacre Honda, also based in Clitheroe, and staff from the dealership participated in the workshop along with the students and teachers. Other pupils from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School and Heathland School also attended the workshop, giving children the chance to get to know and work alongside their peers from other schools.

The School of Dreams programme helps young people to understand the importance of pursuing their dreams, and teaches them skills and strategies to help turn those dreams into reality. It was developed by Honda (UK) and a team of independent education experts as part of Honda’s commitment to giving back to the local communities in which it operates. School of Dreams helps students and educators discover different, creative and fun ways to learn.

The workshop was challenging, but great fun. Jason Smith, Service Manager at Greenacre Honda, said: “It is great to support the workshop in our local school. To help children understand they can turn their dreams into reality by learning to use strategies in their early lives will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the local community. We believe children and young adults deserve all the help they can get.”

Saleem Ahmad, ICT Teacher at Moorland School, added: “It’s been a fantastic two days of activities and tasks. The children were engaged and motivated throughout. They learnt how to use their minds in different ways and more importantly the value of having dreams.

“It was really good to see our children working in groups and engaging with children from other schools.”

For more information about the scheme visit www.schoolofdreams.co.uk