Ofsted inspectors visit Waddington after-school club

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AN Ofsted inspector has rated the service provided by Waddington After School Provision, which operates within Waddington and West Bradford Primary School, as “good” with some aspects “outstanding”.

WASP, which was set up in 2002 and specialises in early years child care, is registered for 24 children aged four to eight.

Ofsted reported that “overall the quality of provision is good”, that the children enjoy an “inclusive and welcoming environment” and that the activities they engaged in were “generally stimulating”. The group’s attention to safety and welfare was highlighted as being “thorough” and “consistent”.

Ofsted also drew attention to the group’s effective relationship skills, stating that the staff “know the children very well as individuals”, that they had “excellent working relationships” with the host school, and that parents and carers gave positive feedback. The inspector rated WASP’s partnerships and its effectiveness at engaging with parents and carers as “outstanding”.

The children appeared “happy and relaxed” and were developing “strong social skills”. They were regularly encouraged to express themselves, had good manners, and did not always have to be prompted by adults.

The children were given the chance to develop strong skills in information technology. They also indulged in plenty of physical pursuits, both inside and outside. The report suggested that further development of the outside area would be beneficial.

Consistently highlighted was they way in which WASP treats the children as individuals and thus ensures that every child’s needs are met. Overall, the children received a good standard of care and a special effort was made to ensure each child is included, said the report.

l WASP, which is open Monday to Friday, from 3-20 to 5-45 p.m., term time only, is managed by a committee and runs independently from the school. There are 80 children on roll, including some over eight. Places are allocated to children who attend the primary school and it is flexible to the needs of working parents.