Never work with kids and pets?

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“Can we have an elephant” was the request of one of the youngsters who attends Clitheroe’s Bright Futures Day Nursery.

The West View-based nursery has an outdoor space dedicated to pets which children who attend are welcome to look after.

Children have watched chicks hatch from their incubator and grow to be 14 weeks old. They are now looking forward to baking with the eggs that they go on to lay. The youngsters also love looking after the rabbit in this area as well.

“This petting area is loved by all the children and is a very relaxing educational area for them to learn,” explained nursery owner/manager Jasmine Cross. “This links into several areas within the early years curriculum.

“I understand that most busy parents do not have the opportunity to have pets at home and most houses within clitheroe have limited outdoor space restricting what type of animal they can keep.

“During teaching the children about life cycles a child requested ‘could we have an elephant’ another child asked if we ‘could have a pig’. We came to a compromise and they loved the idea of having chicks and butterflies.

“I feel as a nursery owner/manager that listening to children and allowing them the opportunity to make choices where its not possible for parents to do so is very important. Their voices are heard which allows them to have a strong sense of belonging. Using their interests make them feel and confirm that they are important in the decision making within the nursery.”