Follow this lot... they’re not lost!

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CHILDREN at Whalley-based Oakhill College have a nose for finding their way around.

Pupils from years 7 and 8 recently participated in the Hyndburn and Ribble Orienteering Competition at Wilson’s Athletics track against eight larger schools from the local area. They had to complete the course in the fastest time possible and came up trumps, winning the overall . It was a fantastic achievement by all 16 pupils involved, and on an individual level Georgina Bentley and India Lupton won the final Year 7 event and Robert Denton and Lewis Cooke won the final Year 8 event.

Not to be loutdone, Oakhill’s Year 9 and 10 Orienteering team also won the Hyndburn and Ribble Orienteering Competition against six other large senior schools. Again a whole team effort secured this outstanding victory.