College benefactor’s new pupils bursary

Oakhill College old and new buildings
Oakhill College old and new buildings

A parent of a past pupil at Oakhill College has made a donation to fund assisted places at the independent day school in Whalley.

The significant fund will be used to help pupils who would benefit from an Oakhill education by providing assisted places for new pupils with immediate effect.

The benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Oakhill provided the ideal primary and secondary education for my children. Their subsequent success, as former Oakhill pupils, has made me realise the importance of an excellent all-round education.

“In making this donation it is my hope that an Oakhill education will be made more accessible for pupils who would benefit from the unique family atmosphere and supportive yet rigorous education provided.”

Oakhill principal Mrs 
Carmel Riley said: “This is a rare and exciting opportunity for children who would thrive from the advantages of an Oakhill education. The small family environment provides an outstanding platform for developing confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.

“We know what we do well and we are committed to providing a small school experience in which every child is valued as an individual. We will remain a single form 
entry school in the prep and seniors and there is no intention to increase class sizes 
beyond our current capacity of 22 places per class.”

Oakhill is set in a safe and pleasant location on the edge of Whalley. Pupil transport is available in Oakhill’s own minibuses, which serve the local area from Darwen to Barrowford to Longridge.

The demand for assisted places is expected to be high and the number of places is limited. Interested parents should contact the school to arrange a visit. The deadline for applications for the first phase of funding is May 23rd and pupils will be expected to take up their place immediately or by September.

l For further information, call Oakhill on 01254 823546 or email: