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Parents of children due to leave primary school next summer are being reminded that applications for secondary school places in Lancashire need to be submitted by October 31st this year.

Staff at Lancashire County Council are keen to remind parents that all children starting secondary school next year need to have an application form submitted on their behalf, even if the child has an older brother or sister already at the school concerned.

The quickest and easiest way to submit an application is online via the county council’s website (

Paul Bainbridge, Lancashire County Council’s head of school admissions, said: “If a family already has a child at a school, it’s easy to overlook the obvious – that they must also apply for a place for their younger child.

“We know how important it is to parents to get the right school for their child, so we’re encouraging them to apply on time to give themselves the best chance.

“The deadline for applications for secondary school places is October 31st 2013 and the easiest way to apply is online.

“More and more parents are using this method.”

For more information on submitting an application for a secondary school place, go to and search for “school admissions”, where all the necessary information can be found.

Alternatively, phone for further information on 01254 220718.