'Don’t waste chance to voice your opinion'

Did you vote in the local elections?
Did you vote in the local elections?

I would like to thank all those people who turned out to vote last week, with a special thanks to the ones who voted for me.

I can understand people’s frustrations about politics in general and how this leads to low turnouts but, alas, public apathy to voting is a serious problem.

Some politicians could easily take the view that those who don’t vote are reasonably happy with how things are being run, rather than the reality, which is that most people think, “no matter what I say or do, nothing will change”.

To a small extent this is true, even at borough council level, because often decisions have to be made against the will of the people using rules or guidelines set by Westminster or even Europe.

It is no easy task balancing these arguments.

As a Longridge Town Councillor, I am only responsible for the local area. As a borough councillor, although I represent a local ward, I have to make decisions from a borough-wide perspective.

We should all remember that people died fighting for the right to have a vote.

Don’t let their sacrifice be lost.

You should always try to exercise your right, even if it is to register a protest by spoiling the ballot paper.

If you don’t make the effort, why should you be allowed to cast criticism on the candidates or whoever gets elected?

In a couple of weeks, you will very likely have another vote for Members of the European Parliament.

Even though, as a country, we voted to leave, our Government and Westminster MPs, at present, seem reluctant to progress this.

Even though whoever gets elected may never take office, a low turnout could be assumed to mean the public are happy with the slow progress, yet that is certainly not what I hear.

You need to make your feelings count.

Don’t waste the opportunity to register your feelings.

I know I am not perfect but I will always endeavour to do the best I can at whatever comes up.

Thank you again.

Coun Jim Rogerson

Alston and Hothersall ward RVBC