Daredevil cyclists warned to stop competing in "time trails" on country roads

Concerns have been raised by Trawden Parish Council
Concerns have been raised by Trawden Parish Council
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Police are warning cyclists to stop competing in "time trails" on countryside roads and paths in Pendle.

The warning comes after concerns from members of Trawden Parish Council, who have informed police that a number of cyclists at various times of day and night are allegedly having "time trails" from Coldwell, over the moor bridleway and finishing in Wycoller.

In a report to the police, Trawden Parish Council, said: "'As the name Time Trial suggests, they are timing themselves so are travelling very fast through Wycoller itself and to the flat bridge just before the ford.

"There have been a number of incidents that have not yet been reported to police as the cyclists don't stop. One has run into some sort of digger that was repairing the road, and another has hit a car, tumbled onto the bonnet, then just got up and walked away.

"Obviously this is concerning for people who are walking through Wycoller, as the cyclists are travelling so fast. Some have been known to go into the beck when faced with a pedestrian.'

"Cyclists have a legal obligation to ride safety and can fall foul of the law."

PC Nigel Keates, of Lancashire Constabulary, said: "No one wishes to stop anyone using our spectacular countryside which is ideal for cyclists. Unfortunately conflict often arises particularly where cyclists and walkers meet on our paths and bridleways.

" I would urge common sense, patience and an appreciation for everyone using public highways and byways and footpaths through farmland.

"As usual I suspect it's a few regular inconsiderates that cause issues for the many that are responsible and reasonable. Please take care and consider others."