Teen handed back generator stolen from Clitheroe


A Clitheroe teenager who accepted a stolen generator from another man returned it to the rightful owner when he found out he knew her.

Blackburn magistrates heard Kyle Stuart Turner told the victim: “If I had known it was yours I would have got it back sooner.”

Turner, of The Sidings, Castle View, Clitheroe, admitted handling a stolen compressor. He was fined £180 and ordered to pay £20 costs. A charge of burglary of a shed in Tower Hill, Clitheroe, and theft of the compressor was withdrawn.

Alex Mann (prosecuting) said Turner was seen with the compressor in the early hours. After the owner had reported the burglary to police Turner approached her and said he hadn’t stolen it, but knew where it was.

Damian Pickup (defending) said Turner had always denied involvement in the burglary: “Another man gave him the compressor and he accepts he was suspicious. A few hours later, when he realised who it belonged to, he did the right thing and returned it.”