‘Sweetheart’ text to Clitheroe woman breached restraining order

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A CLITHEROE man’s former wife sent his current wife a text message thanking her for letting her husband do a job for her.

Blackburn magistrates heard Samantha Jane Baragona described the man in their lives as a “real sweetheart” in the text message, which put her in breach of a restraining order.

Baragona (35), of Staveley Close, Bacup, pleaded guilty to breaching the order by sending the message to Helen Smith, who lives in Clitheroe with her husband Richard. She was fined £120 with £100 costs.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said that in November 2010 Helen Smith had reported a number of unpleasant contacts from the defendant over a period of time. These included phone calls, text messages and home visits and were dealt with by a restraining order.

“Since that order was made in June 2011 there hasn’t been any contact until this incident,” said Miss Allan.

“While the message wasn’t abusive or threatening, Mrs Smith felt harassed by it. She suffered phone calls and text messages for four years and when the restraining order was put in place she expected to be able to get on with her life in peace.”

The text message thanked Mrs Smith for letting her husband put up a maiden for Baragona.

“Mr Smith says he didn’t put up any maiden and he thought his ex-wife was trying to cause nuisance,” said Miss Allan.

Mr Trevor Frain (defending) said the police had originally agreed with Baragona that the text message was not sent for malicious purposes.

“She was told by the police there would be no further action, but the aggrieved appealed against that and the matter was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided an offence had been committed,” said Mr Frain.

“Having been told there would be no further action, out of the blue she received a summons. She says Mr Smith did fit a maiden in her garden.”