Stole vodka and coke from Clitheroe shop

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A 27-year-old Clitheroe man who stole a bottle of vodka and one of Coca Cola woke in the morning with a double headache.

Blackburn magistrates heard that both bottles were empty and Andrew Lee Simpson looked at them and asked himself: “What have I done here?”

Simpson, of George Street, Clitheroe, pleaded guilty to theft from the McCalls store in Henthorn Road. He was fined £70 with £105 costs and ordered to pay £15 in compensation.

Mr David Hartley (prosecuting) said that Simpson had gone into the shop at 9-15 pm, taken a bottle of Coca Cola off the shelf, gone to the counter and asked for a bottle of vodka. The assistant put both items into a bag and Simpson ran out without making any attempt to pay.

Mr Damian Pickup (defending) said Simpson had been drunk when he stole the items, but knew he had done something wrong when he woke in the morning. His partner went to the shop to try to sort things out, but was told the police had already been informed.

“It is the first time he has ever done anything like this and he is deeply ashamed,” said Mr Pickup.