‘Starving’ Whalley teen on streets stole chocolate


A Whalley teenager who had fallen out with his family stole four bars of chocolate worth just £1.79 because he was starving.

Blackburn magistrates heard David Fowles had lost his good name as a result of the theft which led to his first ever court appearance.

Fowles (18), of the Sidings, Whalley, pleaded guilty to theft from Sainsburys.

He was given a conditional discharge for three months and ordered to pay £65 towards prosecution costs.

Mr Aftab Bakhat (defending) said Fowles had been ordered to leave the family home in Limefield Avenue, Whalley.

“He was on the streets for a week and he was starving,” said Mr Bakhat. “He has no previous convictions and has lost his good name for the sake of four bars of chocolate.”