Serial liar conned Clitheroe girlfriend into paying for Australia trip and stole her Rolex

Peter Wall - pic by Andrew Bellard
Peter Wall - pic by Andrew Bellard
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A SERIAL liar conned his Clitheroe girlfriend out of £1,700 for air fares by claiming his mother had died in Australia.

Blackburn magistrates heard that, while Down Under Peter Wall, posted a message on Facebook saying he was playing rugby on Bondi beach.

But his deception and lies about his family wealth only came out when his girlfriend dumped him. He stole her £4,500 Rolex watch and got his mother to sell it to a Liverpool jeweller.

His mother told police that ever since he had been a child Wall had lied and had an obsession with money.

Wall (29), of Victory Avenue, Southport, admitted theft of the watch belonging to Charlotte Chapman and making a false representation to make a gain of a holiday. He was remanded on bail for the preparation of reports.

Mr Ainge said Miss Chapman, of Clitheroe, ended their relationship in July and shortly after discovered the Rolex, a 16th birthday present from her dad, was missing.

“She now feels Wall has been conning her and her family for the entire time they were together,” said Mr Ainge.

He told the court that, in December, Wall told Miss Chapman his mother had died in Australia. He made a tearful phone call, allegedly to his sister, telling her he would get there somehow and told Miss Chapman he had to sign for the body to be released.

“She knew he couldn’t fund the air fare and borrowed the money off her father to pay for the flights,” said Mr Ainge.

During their relationship Wall had claimed his family was wealthy and he stood to inherit millions.

Mr Graeme Parkinson (defending) said Wall’s true background was that he was unemployed and living on an Army pension. “Although it was September 2005 when he left the Army it is fair to say he is struggling to adjust to civilian life,” said Mr Parkinson.

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