Roof conmen target woman (77) in Billington: police warning

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A HEARTLESS con trick by bogus workmen left a pensioner £480 out of pocket and prompted a warning from police.

A conman telephoned a 77-year-old woman claiming to be from the local council and told her there was a slate dangerously loose at her home in West View Terrace, Billington.

He claimed there was a council team working in the area and they could fix it.

A red Transit van turned up with three men and ladders, and the leading conman told the woman they would fix a hole that was leaking water. He took £480 payment from her.

Inspector Graham Lister, head of Ribble Valley police, said: “The men showed no form of identification. We want to warn the public to be on the alert for this type of crime, and always check callers’ identities.”

The leading conman was white, stocky, in his 30s, balding with short hair and a round face.

Anyone with information about the crooks and their red van is asked to contact police on the non-emergency number 101.