Pupils confront speeding drivers in Mellor

Mellor pupils crack down on speeding motorists
Mellor pupils crack down on speeding motorists
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Speeding motorists in Mellor were told to “slow down” and “watch your speed” by kid cops from a local school.

Armed with a speed gun, Year 6 pupils from St Mary’s Primary School, Mellor, spent time monitoring the speed of people driving through the village. Over a period of an hour, seven motorists were caught speeding in a 30 mph zone – five of them were spoken to by the youngsters about the dangers of driving fast on rural roads.

The initiative was organised by PC Lee Forshaw, Community Beat Manager for Wilpshire and Mellor. He was impressed by the questions asked by the youngsters. He said: “On this occasion the emphasis of this project was to educate people with the dangers of driving fast rather than prosecution. Once the speeding motorists were stopped, they were asked why they were driving so fast and if they were aware of the possible consequences of their actions. One man was caught driving at 46 mph, while others were driving between 35 and 40 mph.”

He added: “Speeding cars in Mellor is a major problem and the police will be out with pupils again cracking down on this. However, this time we aim to run the initiative during a busier time – may be between 4 and 5 pm when there is rush-hour traffic. In the meantime, we urge all motorists to drive carefully and within the speed limit on all roads throughout Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley.”