Police warning after loose dog shot by farmer

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A loose dog seen worrying sheep on land in the Ribble Valley has been shot by a farmer.

The dog, which was seen worrying sheep on land in the Pendle Hill area of the Ribble Valley, was shot by the farmer on Tuesday evening.

According to Ribble Valley Police members of the public saw the dog attacking sheep on the land.

“This is a timely reminder to everyone that walks dogs to please be responsible and make sure you have full control of your pets at all times when anywhere near farm land/livestock,” said a spokesman for Ribble Valley Police.

“If you are walking dogs on moorland, on footpaths in fields etc, expect there to be livestock there, even if it looks as though the field is empty.

“Also remember a dog chasing sheep, ‘having a bit of fun’, is an offence.

“This advice also includes ‘loose’ dogs causing issues/problems for other responsible dog walkers who have their pet on a lead.”

He added: “Incidents such as this cause all round devastation; to the livestock, the dog, the farmer and also to the person in charge of the dog at the time.”