Police warning after hoax HMRC calls

Police ask residents to be on their guard
Police ask residents to be on their guard
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Residents are asked to be vigilant following multiple reports of hoax calls from people claiming to be from HMRC.

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “Residents in the Ribble Valley have received telephone calls purporting to be from HMRC. The caller goes on to say that if they don’t pay they will file a lawsuit. HMRC or other genuine agencies would never conduct a call in this way so please be on your guard.

"Never arrange to pay out money or give out personal details. If necessary, hang up, make sure the line has properly cleared and then find a genuine number for the organisation and call them back. Please be aware the HMRCs usual method of contact is by mail and they wouldn’t request an outstanding tax bill be settled via the purchase of an iTunes voucher.

"If something doesn’t sound quite right it’s because it isn’t.”