Police use drones to tackle nuisance moped riders in Burnley

The drone being used to target hotspot areas
The drone being used to target hotspot areas

Rogue riders in Burnley are being warned that they will be caught by a police 'eye in the sky' after officers deployed drones to catch illegal off road bikers.

"Watch out the drone is about" is the hard-hitting message from Burnley Police officers as they launch Operation DOVE to clamp down on anti-social behaviour involving riding bikes in a dangerous manner.

And the mission is already proving a success in catching the culprits.

A spokesman for Burnley Police said: "Over the past few weeks officers have been targeting the use of off road bikes in and around Burnley and Padiham. Now, Operation DOVE has been commenced and involves the use of the police drone team.

"Acting upon the intelligence and information supplied we have already targeted specific areas.

"Two riders were identified and upon attempting to leave one rider was detained. He has been reported for a variety of motoring offences and his bike seized. The second rider has been identified by the drone footage and enquiries are ongoing to deal with him for various motoring offences."

The police spokesman added: "Earlier on in the month an off road bike had made off from patrols. Enquiries have been made and the rider identified, he has been reported for the offences and will be dealt with by the court.

"A note to riders who want to flaunt the law is 'watch out the drone is about'."

If anyone has further information regarding off road bikes please contact PC 2934 Paul Marsden 07816214284 or e-mail paul.marsden@lancashire.pnn.police.uk.