Police dog sniffs out Pendle suspect hiding underneath floorboards in house

Police dog Zorro
Police dog Zorro

A tenacious police dog has been praised by his handlers in Pendle for helping to capture a missing offender.

On Friday evening officers from the Pendle Taskforce had made numerous attempts to locate and arrest Charlie Smith who was found guilty at court of defrauding an 87 year old woman on October 9th, but had since failed to attend court for sentencing.

Officers thought they searched an house thoroughly but still believed that Smith was hiding nearby.

Police dog Zorto and handler were called to assist and Zorro soon indicated a human scent underneath the floorboards of an address.

Officers dismantled the flooring where Smith was located and subsequently arrested.

Police said a woman was also arrested for obstructing the police in regards to this incident.

Smith will now appear before the courts for sentencing.