Off-duty police officer spots danger driver

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A 39-year-old driver who had a “running battle” with another motorist did not know his behaviour was being witnessed by an off-duty police officer.

Blackburn magistrates heard how David Neil Collinson tried to undertake and overtake the other vehicle, putting his car in the path of oncoming vehicles.

And when he eventually undertook the car he gave the other driver a middle finger gesture, laughing as he did so.

An allegation that Collinson, of Railway Terrace, Simonstone, drove without due care and attention was proved in his absence. He was fined £65 with £105 costs and his licence endorsed with four penalty points.

Parveen Akhtar (prosecuting) said the officer first saw Collinson trying to undertake as both vehicles turned onto Accrington Road at the Bramley Meade roundabout.

When he eventually completed an undertaking manoeuvre he nearly crashed into the police officer’s car.

When Collinson was stopped in traffic in Read the officer took the opportunity to get out of his car and approach him.

Andrew Church-Taylor (defending) said Collinson had dropped his daughter off at school in Clitheroe and was returning home when he was cut up by the other car.

“That piece of driving incensed him and he accepts he was seeking to point out to the other person that his driving had been foolish,” said Mr Church-Taylor. “He tried to overtake the Fiesta and it accelerated, leaving him stranded in the middle of the road. He accepts he gesticulated towards the other driver.”