Off-duty PC held offender

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An off-duty police officer at home with his children heard a loud bang and rushed out to find a car buried in the wall of a neighbouring house.

Blackburn magistrates heard the front set passenger was the officer’s wife, who was being dropped off by a friend when their vehicle was rammed from behind.

The driver of the offending vehicle, Michael Oliver Cox, tried to leave the scene but was detained by the officer and later found to be nearly three times the legal drink-drive limit. Cox (20), of Birch Grove, Barrow, Clitheroe, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol. He was made subject to a 36-hour attendance centre order, banned from driving for 25 months and ordered to pay £145 costs.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said PC Elliot Rushton was at home in Clitheroe when he heard the loud bang. The car which had crashed into the wall belonged to his wife’s friend, who was in the driving seat. After checking the two women were alright he found Cox still inside the damaged car. When he got out Cox was unsteady on his feet and the officer could smell alcohol.

“He started to walk off but the officer took hold of his arm,” said Miss Allan. “He tried to pull away and the officer put him to the floor and told him to wait for the police.”

Miss Laura Heywood (defending) said Cox had been out with friends and made the foolish decision to drive home.