Mum’s appeal after caravan vanishes at Beat-Herder

Emma Price's caravan, stolen from the Beat-Herder festival site.
Emma Price's caravan, stolen from the Beat-Herder festival site.
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A mum-to-be is appealing for help after her family’s little caravan disappeared from the Beat-Herder festival site.

Emma Price (25), had enjoyed a weekend at the music festival with husband Jim and stepdaughter Lily-Mae and went home on Monday to Bingley,leaving the caravan to be collected by a family friend the next day, as her own car does not have a towbar.

When the friend arrived at the Sawley site to tow it away, the caravan had gone, along with Lily-Mae’s clothes, Jim’s work boots, camping equipment, and Emma’s professional face painting kit.

“I’ve been going to Beat-Herder for seven years, and I wanted to attend the festival as usual despite being seven months pregnant,” said Emma, a marketing manager at Bradford University.

“Last week I bought this little beauty of a caravan for £300. It was a bargain but still quite a lot to spend with a baby on the way.

“But as it was a final mini-holiday for my husband, step-daughter and me before the baby comes we thought it was worth spending a little extra to make sure I was comfortable and had a toilet close at hand.”

Emma said they had a great time at Beat-Herder and left on Monday. Their caravan was last seen at 5 pm on Tuesday but had gone by 7pm.

Emma added: “Every year a lot of stuff gets left behind on the site and people come and recycle it. I really hope this wasn’t a malicious theft but just a terrible mistake where someone thought they were ‘tatting’ an unwanted caravan. But it wasn’t unwanted and we really want her back.

“I do face-painting as a sideline at children’s parties and fetes, and my face-painting kit is a professional one. It’s actually worth more than the caravan. It means I can’t do my face-painting work. I am absolutely gutted.”

Emma has informed the police and put an appeal out on Facebook. Anyone with information can contact 07969 324872.