Man with 'loaded crossbow' arrested after stand-off with armed police in Brierfield

Armed response officers were deployed last night after reports of a man making threats with a loaded crossbow in Brierfield.

Saturday, 11th January 2020, 8:32 am

After a search of the property, officers found a haul of various weapons. The seized items include nunchunks, batons, a punching knife, crossbow bolts, a throwing knife and a throwing axe. Police also discovered a little Cannabis set-up.

A police spokesman said: "The swift and coordinated response from all involved resulted in no one being injured and the alleged offender being detained with no issues. He’s currently awaiting an interview in custody. Again, information from members of the public combined with a concerted team effort have led to a good result with no major issues."

The throwing axe and throwing knife seized at the address