Man (25) in court for smashing Clitheroe pub window


A 25-year-old man put his fist through the window of a 
Clitheroe pub after a row with his girlfriend and her mother, who ran the establishment.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Vince Samuel Wright suffered a serious cut to his arm during the incident – which also resulted in him losing his home and his job and having to move back to live with his parents in Leicester. “I have messed up really badly,” he told the court.

Wright (25), of Fosse Road South, Leicester, pleaded guilty to smashing a window at the Wagon and Horses, belonging to Catherine Hickling. He was fined £110 with £105 costs.

Mrs Tracy Yates (prosecuting) said Wright was in a relationship with the landlady’s daughter and they had been out together. When they got home there was an argument and her mother became involved. He was told he was not welcome in the pub and smashed the window with his fist on his way out.

“He suffered a severe arm wound as a result and was taken to hospital by the police,” said Mrs Yates.

Wright told the court he had paid for the damage to the window the next day.