Jail for ‘sadistic’ abuser of little boy

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A “SADISTIC” brute who terrorised a defenceless little boy for 16 minutes has been locked up for nine months.

Grant Wilkie (21) shouted and swore at the child, intimidated and repeatedly assaulted him during a prolonged loss of temper, which was recorded by someone else on a mobile phone. The sickening and extremely upsetting video was played at Burnley Crown Court where Wilkie was sentenced.

The defendant, who is disabled due to a back condition, also watched the graphic recording, which, according to his barrister, made him feel sick.

Wilkie, of Ribblesdale Avenue, Chatburn, had previously admitted child cruelty at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court and been committed for sentence at Burnley Crown Court. He was also banned from working with children.

Mr David Macro (prosecuting) said the incident took place at a house in East Lancashire on September 14th. At the end of it, Wilkie could be seen on the video grabbing hold of the boy and screaming into his face, before he hit him. The victim was left bruised and with reddening.

When the defendant was confronted over what he had done, he broke down in tears and said he did not know what had come over him. Police were called, he was arrested and when he was questioned, Wilkie told officers abusers should be “strung up.”

Mr Macro said the defendant admitted to police he had anger issues and needed help. He had no previous convictions.

Miss Jane Dagnall, for Wilkie, said he knew the sentence would have to be one of custody. She continued: “He says the video makes him feel sick and he has had to sit and go though that again and quite right too.”

Miss Dagnall said the defendant, who was irresponsible and immature, had to be punished, but there had to be a degree of rehabilitation as well.

She told the hearing: “He needs to learn you can’t deal with people like this, never mind a young vulnerable victim.”

Sentencing, Judge Simon Newell told the defendant his actions had been cruel and sadistic. He said of the video: “Any ordinary person watching that is filled not only with distress, but revulsion.”

The judge added: “One will not know for some time quite how the boy will recover, if ever, from what went on.”

Judge Newell, who said he agreed Wilkie needed treatment, told the court: “I have to be cold, clinical and dispassionate, despite that 16-minute video, in passing sentence.”