Homeless beggar now barred from Blackburn centre

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A 43-year-old man, who is already banned from Whalley and Clitheroe, has now been barred from Blackburn town centre after being caught begging there on two occasions.

Blackburn magistrates heard an Anti-social Behaviour Order banned Gavin Whalley from begging anywhere in the UK. And following the latest breaches magistrates made a Criminal Behaviour Order, which bans him from Blackburn town centre for two years and also from entering Kemp Court, an independant living complex for elderly people, for the same period.

Whalley, who gave his current address as Ward C9 at Royal Blackburn Hospital, admitted two breaches of the Asbo. He was made subject to community supervision for six months and ordered to pay £60 victim surcharge.

Suzie Privett (prosecuting) said Whalley had been seen begging outside Morrisons on one occasion and on the other nearby in Railway Road. “People feel intimidated and threatened by his behaviour,” she said. “The manager of Kemple Court describes a couple of instances where he has come into the complex, causing distress to residents.”

Jonathan Taylor (defending) said staff at the hospital were extremely concerned about Whalley leaving without having anywhere to go.

“If he is back on the streets they don’t anticipate he will be alive for very long,” said Mr Taylor. He said he had known Whalley since school days. “When he was in the Whalley and Clitheroe areas a lot of people would go out of their way to give him food as they knew him from school,” said Mr Taylor. He said, at one time, Whalley had workled as a security officer at the Brockhall Village complex until things started to go wrong in his life. “He started to drink more and in recent years there have been psychiatric issues. He’s no longer able to look after himself and the begging has clearly become a problem.”