Heartless pranksters steal precious graves decorations

One of the graves targeted
One of the graves targeted

Heartless thieves have stolen sentimental ornaments from the grave of a Clitheroe woman.

Nikki Jayne Stevenson, whose mother Tania Ward Stevenson is buried at Clitheroe Cemetery, hit out at the offenders who stole windchimes and moved precious items from around the gravestone.

Now, the 25-year-old is calling for CCTV to be installed at the Waddington Road graveyard to deter the thieves or prevent this from happening to anyone else.

She said: “There’s been a lot of theft at Clitheroe Cemetery recently. I am forever replacing sentimental ornaments and windchimes because people think its okay to steal, break and damage things. I am disgusted and sickened that people can do this. This has come to light as I bought my mum some individual love letters that went missing and ended up on a child’s grave. I spoke to the child’s family and they stated they had no knowledge where they had come from.

“In the past I have had flowers ripped up. Why would anyone do that?”

Nikki explained that since the repeated thefts, she has been suffering from anxiety attacks.

“These incidents have left me distressed. I can’t go to visit my mum anymore as I’m suffering with anxiety. My mum was loved by a lot of people and we, as her children, are forever having to replace things as some people in Clitheroe have no respect for anyone, but themselves.

“Similar thefts occurred at my gran’s grave and my dad now visits on a regular basis to monitor the situation.

“I would like CCTV to be placed down at the cemetery moving forward and people to be made aware of what’s happening so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s loved ones’ graves. A spokesman for Ribble Valley Borough Council said no incidents had been reported to the council.