Headbutt attack in Clitheroe takeaway


A pub doorman headbutted a man in a Clitheroe takeaway before running out.

Blackburn magistrates heard that, only days before the unprovoked attack, John Steer had been given a conditional caution for another assault. But the court was told the bouncer had no recollection of the takeaway incident.

Steer (26), of West View, Clitheroe, admitted assaulting Chris Dodd. He was fined £200, ordered to pay £75 in compensation and £105 towards costs.

Pat Bramley (prosecuting) said staff at the takeaway called for medical assistance for the aggrieved and identified his attacker to police. She said Steer was given a conditional caution for assault on November 25th and assaulted Mr Dodds on December 1st.

Deborah Morgan (defending) said her client had been out drinking with friends and had no recollection of the incident.

She said a witness had said the victim had approached her client and sworn at him. She said Steer had received the conditional caution following an incident with the ex-partner of his current girlfriend.

“Even following the caution, the other man kept harassing my client and he called the police and asked what he should do,” said Miss Morgan. She added it had been a difficult week for her client following the conditional caution.

“He didn’t go out looking for trouble but, given the week he had had, he clearly over-reacted to someone in his face swearing at him,” she said.