‘Ear bite’ horror in fight outside Whalley club ends in custody


A CLUBGOER who bit another man’s ear as they grappled outside a nightclub in Whalley has been sent to youth custody.

Bradley Couzins caused multiple puncture marks as he sought to break free from the other young man outside the Rendezvous nightspot.

Preston Crown Court was told Couzins had become fearful when three others plus a doorman approached during the 3 a.m. scene.

The injured party, Jurguen Munch, needed 23 stitches to his left ear following the attack in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Couzins (20), of Lois Place, Blackburn, had pleaded guilty to an offence of unlawful wounding.

Mr Mark Lamberty (prosecuting) said both young men had been to the club. They knew each other, having been at school at the same time. Some sort of dispute occurred that night between Couzins and a girl from Mr Munch’s group outside, just as the group were going for a taxi.

Mr Munch became involved in the dispute, which led to abuse. The two men voluntarily went to a nearby alleyway where a punching fight developed. It became something of a wrestling fight, with the two of them in some sort of grip.

Couzins then bit the man’s left ear. At that point others got involved, with friends of Mr Munch punching the defendant. As a result of what happened, Mr Munch had trouble sleeping on his left side.

Defence barrister Mr James Heyworth said both had been exchanging punches during the fight. The males had each other in a bear hug. Three other males approached and a doorman.

Mr Heyworth said: “It was the defendant’s perception at the time that it was four on one. He was desperate to get away, but was still in the bear hug.

“He accepts he has gone over the top, in a case of excessive self-defence, by biting Mr Munch.

“He later contacted Mr Munch on Facebook and apologised for what happened and wanted to remain friends with him. They had previously got on well.”

Couzins was given a sentence of 47 weeks’ youth custody.