Drunken teen Clitheroe girl slapped rail worker

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A DRUNKEN Clitheroe teenager slapped a railway worker across the face when he insisted she buy a ticket for the journey home.

Blackburn magistrates heard 18-year-old Chloe Louise Cryne and a friend entered the station shouting and screaming and clearly drunk. They took exception when they were told they needed to buy a ticket before boarding the train.

Cryne, of Henthorn Road, Clitheroe, admitted assault and unacceptable behaviour on the railway. She was ordered to pay £75 in compensation, fined £75 and ordered to pay £55 costs – a total fo £205. The other girl, who was 17, was remitted to the youth court.

The chairman of the magistrates told Cryne members of the public had heard her language and seen her behaviour and were clearly disgusted by it.

“We accept it was only a slight tap on the face, but there shouldn’t have been any contact whatsoever,” said the chairman.

Mr Scott Parker (defending) said the victim of the assault had been honest enough to say it was a light tap which caused no injury.

“My client and her friend had had some drink,” said Mr Parker. “They thought they could buy a ticket on the train and clearly reacted badly when told that wasn’t the case.”